Phone: (850) 651-7160 Fax: (850) 651-7164
Convenience you expect, low fares you deserve!

(702) 505-8888 –

Provides non-stop, seasonal service to Austin, TX, Belleville, IL/St. Louis, MO, Cincinnati, OH, Cleveland, OH, Columbus (Rickenbacker), OH, Indianapolis, IN, Kansas City, MO, Knoxville, TN, Las Vegas, NV, Louisville, KY, Memphis, TN, New York City/Newark, NJ, Oklahoma City, OK, Peoria, IL, Pittsburgh, PA, Springfield/Branson, MO, and Washington D.C./Baltimore, MD. Call for reservation/pricing information.

(800) 433-7300 –

Provides non-stop service to Dallas, TX (DFW), Charlotte, NC (CLT) and Washington DC (DCA) – seasonal. Call toll-free for reservation/pricing information.

(800) 221-1212 –

Service may be provided by Delta or a Delta Connection carrier. Provides nonstop service daily to Atlanta, GA (ATL). Call toll-free for reservation/pricing information.

(855) IFLYGLO – (855) 435-9456 –

Provides non-stop, weekend service to Little Rock (LIT) and New Orleans (MSY).  Call for reservation/pricing information.

(800) 864-8331 –

Express Jet provides nonstop service to Houston TX (IAH). Call toll-free for reservation/pricing information.

1-800-329-0485 –

All Southern Airways Express flights are non-stop, business class flights with service to Atlanta, Memphis, Oxford and Jackson.

(888) 332-6686 –

Provides non-stop, seasonal service to Bowling Green, KY (BWG)

Call for reservation/pricing information.

VPS opens daily at 4:00 AM, and provides scheduled commercial passenger air service for the entire Northwest Florida region from Panama City to Pensacola. Please note that we do not provide service for private aircraft due to our location on Eglin Air Force Base.

The state-of-the-art Airport serves over 800,000 passengers each year.

For questions or comments, please contact Airport Administration by e-mail or by phone at or (850) 651-7160.